Church of SS Peter and Paul in Pągów

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The first mention of the church in Pągów dates back to 1300, but the original church did not survive. In 1600, a wooden church was built there. It was dismantled around the mid-19th century and the current Gothic Revival brick church with a ground floor made of stone was built by the local Protestant community on the site. The 17th-century wooden bell tower tapered upward and had a tent-like crown that was characteristic of Orthodox sacred architecture; in later years, the roof was replaced with an octagonal one. The tower houses a bell founded in 1738 by the Breslau bellfounder Kaspar Koeberg. The church was Protestant until 1945.

Inside the church, you can see a Baroque altar from the turn of the 17th and 18th century, with a sculpture of Christ Crucified as the centrepiece, and also a number of statues of angels. Other Baroque elements include the pulpit with rich floral ornaments, the pipe organ, the stalls, and the confessional. On the façade, you can see 18th-century marble tombstones with cartouches.

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