Town Hall in Namysłów

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The history of one of the most important buildings in the town dates back to the second half of the 14th century. To this day, the town hall is one of the best-preserved historic structures in Namysłów. Originally a Gothic building, it was later remodelled in the Renaissance style. The main part of the town hall was built in the years 1374–78, while the steeple, which is now 57 m high, was added several years later. At the beginning of the 15th century, a cloth hall was built, and bread makers’ and cobblers’ benches were added. In 1622, a clock was installed on the steeple and was not replaced with a new one until 1928.

The history of the town hall is a history of fires. The most devastating ones struck in 1483 and 1619, but each time the building was restored to its former glory. In the 18th century, the weigh house was built, and in the 1820s a tavern was established in the town hall cellars.

In 2002, under the supervision of architects and historians from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, the building was remodelled back to its original Gothic style. Today, the town hall houses the Civil Registry Office, the local prosecutor’s office, the offices of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), and a restaurant.

Every day at noon you can hear the Namysłów bugle call played from the town hall; it was composed by Eugeniusz Odoj, a teacher in the local music school and a distinguished citizen of Namysłów.

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