Shrines in the fields

Let us embark on a trip through the scenic areas around Domaszowice, and uncover the secrets of the local places of worship: from monumental churches to small shrines lost in the fields. Prepare for a long adventure, because we have prepared a lot of riddles for you to solve! You will not be facing them alone, though - if a riddle proves to be too difficult, you can always use a hint. All of the riddle sites are marked on a map, just in case you have trouble finding your way. If you are ready, go to the church in Gręboszów, where St Catherine awaits and with her, plenty of secrets to uncover! By solving the riddles, you will gradually uncover the password: the name of a saint, the patron of this quest, whose visage is frequently found in this region.


Distance 30.0 km
Duration 3:00 h

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